Atlassian Cloud Outage Affects 400 Customers

Atlassian inadvertently removed its own products and third-party applications during scheduled cloud maintenance and is continuing full recovery for approximately 400 customers. However, a full recovery could take up to two weeks, the company said Tuesday.

As part of scheduled maintenance on select cloud products, Atlassian ran a script to delete obsolete data from an obsolete service. But the script erroneously removed third-party sites, associated products, users and applications, the company reported on April 6. Atlassian said it maintains comprehensive backup and recovery systems and has not recovered data loss for customers to date. Engineers are working on a complete and safe restoration for about 400 customers.

“We know this outage is unacceptable and we are fully committed to resolving it,” the company said in a statement. The incident was not the result of a cyber attack and there was no unauthorized access to customer data. The company said it was taking steps to prevent future events. By Tuesday evening, April 12, the company had restored service to approximately 45% of affected customers.

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