Astound issues statement on customers having cable and internet outages

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – We are following the transition of “cable and internet provider Wow” to Astound after customers reported outage issues.

As we reported on May 5, several Astound customers went without phone service and it continued for a few days after.

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Since then, Astound released a statement saying services had been restored to nearly all originally impacted customers.

Now, Astound has issued the following statement saying:

As of Sunday afternoon, all previous network level issues have been resolved.  Our network is working as intended. We are continuing to work on a number of individual customer inquiries. While we are resolving those, we continue to monitor our network and network components to ensure everything remains stable. We will be in touch with our impacted customers shortly with plans to show our appreciation for their patience during this event.”

They also say that they appreciate everyone’s patience during this event.

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