askST: Will MOE increase the number of computer courses and how to choose the right computer degree?

Q: Will MOE open more places in computer science?

A: In recent years, the universities have expanded the number of courses in this field, which are officially referred to as Information and Digital Technology (IDT) degrees. As a result, the number of places has also increased considerably.

In response to your question, MOE said that with the declining size of the student cohort, IDT places cannot increase indefinitely without ultimately affecting the manpower pipeline for other key economic sectors.

It said it will need to take a calibrated approach when considering further expansion of IDT places, to distribute talent across Singapore’s economy.

Q: What should my son consider when choosing between the different computer programs offered at the different universities? Can I find out more specifically about computer degrees in SMU, which my son loves?

A: Your son has chosen a popular field of study that offers good job prospects. Computer and computer technology are part of just about everything that touches our lives, from the cars we drive to how we work, to how we entertain ourselves.

A computer degree can open the door to a range of high-paying fields, such as software engineering, web development, information technology, and network systems administration.

In response to your questions, the Dean of SMU School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS), Professor Pang Hwee Hwasaid, the school currently offers four undergraduate computer programs targeting various positions demanded by employers.

SMU’s Computer Science degree emphasizes strong technical skills in translating scientific principles into actionable computer technologies and solutions, as well as the managerial skills needed to navigate complex software development and systems implementation problems.

The Information Systems degree teaches students to identify emerging technologies and market trends and seize opportunities to digitally transform an organization.

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