Apple request development of 3500ppi OLEDoS to Samsung and LG

Spec increased from 2800ppi

Image: LG Display
Image: LG Display

Apple has increased the specification it wants from its OLED on Silicon, or OLEDoS, panels from Samsung Display and LG Display, TheElec has learned.

The company had first requested pixels per inch of 2800 but has now increased to 3500ppi, sources said.

Cupertino likely wants to increase the immersion consumers feel from its first mixed reality device that will debut next year, they added.

OLEDoS uses silicon instead of glass as the substrate for the panel and is touted as the technology for microdisplays that can be used in mixed and virtual reality devices.

Samsung Display and LG Display’s OLEDoS panels aren’t expected to be used by Apple next year for its first mixed reality device.

Japan’s Sony will supply the first batch while their South Korean counterparts are expected to enter the supply chain in 2024.

LG Display researched the area first over Samsung Display but the latter began showing interest in the area during the third quarter.

Apple and Meta had requested Samsung Display develop the technology during the quarter.

The display panel maker had been slow to dip its toe on OLEDoS as it believed it was a small market but the top executives at Samsung had admonished Samsung Display for judging on the technology quickly, sources said.

Samsung Display is also planning to develop 6600ppi LED on Silicon technology along with OLEDoS as well.

The company considers OLEDoS to have a lower entry barrier than LEDoS and wants to lead on the latter technology over its rivals LG Display and Sony, the sources said.

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