Apple Executives Explain the Challenges of Adding a Bigger Screen to the 7 Series

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in new 41mm and 45mm size options and has the largest screen of any Apple Watch to date, a design challenge that Apple executives have called “unique. “in an interview with The independent.

Pink and green Apple Watch Series 7 functionality
Implementing the new design without a major increase in case size required “a complete overhaul of the display, front crystal, internal components and internal case,” says Apple’s vice president of product marketing , Stan Ng.

Apple has managed to reduce the 7 Series bezels to 1.7mm, down from 3mm in the 6 Series, and that’s a noticeable change. The launch of the Apple Watch Series 7‌ was delayed until October after its introduction in September, and rumors suggested this was due to the complicated design necessitated by the updated display.

The size increase was only implemented because Apple found a way to do it without compromising other features of the Apple Watch. The touch sensor was integrated into the OLED panel, which kept the height of the Apple Watch the same and the overall size of the case consistent.

“The redesigned 7 Series display is a major technical innovation. Enlarging the screen is a huge benefit for users, but only if it doesn’t compromise any other part of the experience, like comfort or aesthetics or battery life or band compatibility. “

Apple’s vice president of interface design Alan Dye said the company’s goal with the update was to “make the user experience cleaner and more accessible.” The increase in size has forced Apple to make hundreds of small user interface changes.

“We knew this was an opportunity to optimize the design of the whole experience. So we’ve set out over the past couple of years to reconsider and redesign every element, creating hundreds of very small ones, but we believe there are some big and impactful changes to make the user interface work in harmony with the new design of it. display and make the user interface even easier to use. “

Entering text on the Apple Watch has always been “a huge challenge,” according to Dye, so the QWERTY keyboard that was implemented with the larger screen was a feat. Dye says Apple always wanted a QWERTY keyboard. The borders around the keys have been removed to make them feel less cramped, a move that also tells customers that “accuracy is not critical” as the keyboard uses machine learning to correct what you are doing. want to type.

Going forward, Apple plans to continue innovating on the Apple Watch user experience, the information displayed, and reducing wasted space.

The full interview, which further explains design decisions like the new Apple Watch faces and Apple’s obsession with typography, can be read at The independent.

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