Anthony Lamacchia on recruiting lessons learned

Every year, RealTrends chooses GameChangers based on five-year, transaction side percentage data from the RealTrends 500. This year, we chose seven independent brokerage firms and 10 franchises who grew their businesses at astronomical rates.

In analyzing this list of top-growth brokerages, these GameChangers grew their brokers in multiple different ways — from mergers and acquisitions to recruiting and coaching and retention.

As CEO of Lamacchia Realty in Massachusetts, Anthony Lamacchia brought about 269% growth between 2017-2021 by transaction side percentage to be named a 2022 RealTrends GameChanger.

RealTrends spoke with Lamacchia about the growth of his brokerage:

Tracey Velt: What was your biggest aha moment or lessons learned while building your firm?

Anthony Lamacchia: I did not take recruiting seriously enough until the fall of 2017, when I hired a recruiting coach. Once I looked at the recruiting differently, things took off, and we have only gotten bigger and better since. Had I done that in years prior, we would be much further along.

Tracey Velt: In the past five years, what percentage of your growth was organic and what percentage was mergers and acquisitions?

Anthony Lamacchia: About 95% of our growth has been organic — recruiting one agent at a time and occasionally some groups. We have had a few small acquisitions that were successful but they don’t compare to the organic growth we have experienced.

Tracey Velt: Moving forward, what is your main focus for growth?

Anthony Lamacchia: Moving forward, we will continue to build on our products, services, tools and technology to make our recruiting and retention machine even stronger.

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