Annapolis County Pitches Nationwide Internet System Sale

The Municipality of Annapolis has made an appeal to companies that are interested in purchasing the national internet system that is under construction.

Annapolis County has invested $13 million in 300 miles of high-speed cable that will pass through approximately 9,500 homes and businesses.

The total cost is $17 million, with additional funding from the state and federal governments.

The network is being constructed by Eagle. It should be ready in March.

The system is operated and maintained by Seaside Communications, which has a contract until 2025.

According to the request for proposals, the municipality started the project in 2017 “due to a lack of commercial interest in providing high-speed internet services to disadvantaged communities”.

Quality must be preserved

But the council director said councilors have changed their minds.

“The Council felt they should not be allowed to run such a business,” said Alan Parish. “There are many ISPs around.”

If Annapolis County decides to sell the system, there will be terms, including fixed costs for residential customers for a period of five years.

“The system we are introducing is very fast and the [request for proposals] requires anyone buying the system to maintain that quality,” Parish said.

The municipality wants to recover all costs. Companies have until October 25 to submit bids.

Annapolis County reserves the right to reject all proposals.

If the sale goes through, the municipality aims to have a new agreement by the end of this year so that the new owners can take over once construction is complete.

It would also leave Pictou County as the only county in the county to own an internet system.

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