Anand Mahindra shares video of innovative ‘car gate’; internet calls it ‘Indian jugaad’

Recently, Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to share a video of an innovative gate entrance that is surely going to leave you amazed

Anand Mahindra shares video of innovative 'car gate'; internet calls it 'Indian jugaad'

Innovative gate entrance. Twitter/@anandmahindra

Anand Mahindra has never failed to leave internet users astonished by his posts. The Mahindra Group Chairman knows how to keep his followers hooked.

Recently, he took to Twitter to share a video of an innovative gate entrance that is surely going to leave you amazed. The footage shows a black iron gate, with the body of a car attached in the middle.

Surprised? Well, wait one for another moment. You will see that the wheels of the vehicle act as rollers for the gate. Furthermore, the man controlling the entrance then uses the car door to exit from the property.

Taking to social media, Anand Mahindra asked users their opinion about the person handling the unique gate as a set of multiple-choice answers. “This person is: 1) A passionate car lover? 2) An introvert who doesn’t want anyone to try and enter his home? 3) Someone innovative with a quirky sense of humour? 4) All of the above?” wrote the industrialist.

Watch the video here:

The clip has garnered over 1.4 lakh views and left many surprised. One user wrote that he agreed with all four options. “Your home is your castle, so why not add an extra element of flair with one of these unique sliding gates designs for driveways,” he wrote.

Another joked that this creative gate was made as the man was tired of other people parking outside his property.

Some wrote that the man might not have wanted to give away his old vehicle so he turned it into a gate.

A few users argued that the person was simply a passionate car lover.

Others called it an example of “Indian jugaad”.

One individual gave an out-of-the box answer to Anand Mahindra’s question and stated that the inventor of the gate was actually an environmentalist.

This is not the first time Anand Mahindra has left users impressed by his social media posts. The industrialist had earlier left viewers in splits when he posted a graffiti of Arnold Schwarzenegger with a hilarious caption. Talking about an Indian twist to the actor and former California Governor’s surname, Anand Mahindra wondered why he could not have simply called him “Arnold Subhashnagar”.

The post had left his followers laughing out loud, with many posting their own version of Western names.
What are your thoughts on Anand Mahindra’s latest post?

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