An internet malfunction divided Pakistani Twitter into Jazz users and Stone Age survivors – Comment

The internet has become as essential to life for human beings as oxygen or water and the moment it takes a dip, panic ensues. When a momentary lapse in services had netizens scrambling to fix their connections, taking a scroll through their photo albums or resorting to existing screen-less like our ancestors from the Stone Age, Jazz users were flexing their data speed and connection. And to document it all is the primary source of information for the civilisation of today — memes.

PTCL said on Friday that a technical fault in its optic fiber network, that had caused internet outages in some regions including major urban centres, has been repaired and internet services restored.

All may be well now but Pakistani Twitter still carries the battle scars. There were a mass of Jazz users watching the chaos from the eye of the storm.

Meanwhile there’s the rest of us.

We appreciate the charity.

Jazz took a moment to wave at its fans from the metaphorical balcony.

The only plausible next step.

On the bright side:

It be like that.

Sounds about right.

Oh, how it loves to torture us.

Was your internet down? What did you do in your time in the Stone Age?

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