AMD’s entry-level 53W Radeon RX 6400 card quietly goes on sale, slightly cheaper than the GTX 1050 Ti and RX 6500 XT

Custom AMD Radeon RX 6400 cards are now on sale

It seems that the supposed launch of the RX 6400 graphics card for the DIY market is a little earlier than expected.

A known leaker@momomo_us discovered that several RX 6400 cards are already on sale in China and other regions. It seems that all of these cards are personalized. Specifically, there is an MSI AERO ITX model as well as a relatively unknown Chinese brand TAA currently on sale.

The MSI model is listed on two sites for either $51,500 or $48,213, however, “momomo” does not explain where these retailers are located and there are a number of Spanish-speaking countries that use the dollar sign for their currency. However, what this leak tells us is that at least at one retailer the card is “in stock”.

Update: We were told that these ads were from Argentinian stores, so the price converted to USD is 443-461 USD. However, these prices are inflated by local retailers. Additionally, according to a report by MyDrivers, the RX 6400 is expected to cost 1500 RMB, or about $235.

MSI Radeon RX 6400 AERO ITX on sale, Source: @momomo_us

One of the retailers not only listed the new card, but also shared a GPU-Z screenshot showcasing all the specs of the card. From this we learn that the card carries almost the same specs as the OEM variant released in January, with a “game clock” of 2039 MHz and a boost of 2321 MHz.

Interestingly, it would seem that the memory speed is reduced from 16 Gbps (2000 MHz) to 14 Gbps (1750 MHz) for this particular card. The official spec for the RX 6400 is 16Gbps, which either means some custom cards will have reduced speed or it’s just a problem with this model.

Radeon RX 6400 GPU-Z Specs, Source:

In case you were wondering about the benchmark visible in the screenshot, it’s the Ludashi all-PC test. However, we do not recommend that you install this software because it is very difficult to remove and generally unpopular outside of China.

With the card on sale almost 3 weeks before the planned launch, one would assume that this isn’t yet an official embargo lift, but rather individual retailers quietly trying to get rid of inventory.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series
video cardz RX 6600 XT RX-6600 RX 6500 XT RX-6400
Architecture 7nm RDNA2 7nm RDNA2 6nm RDNA2 6nm RDNA2
GPUs Ships 23 XT Ships 23XL Ships 24 XT Ships 24 XL
Infinite cache
Ray accelerators
game clock
Boost clock
Memory clock
Memory bus
MSRP To confirm
Release date August 2021 October 2021 January 2022 January 2022 (OEM)
May 2022 (DIY)

Source: via @momomo_us

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