AMD RX 6000 graphics cards could soon increase by 10%

AMD may increase the price of its RX 6000 graphics cards for expansion card partners (AIB). An article in an AIB forum reports that AMD is raising the price of partners by 10%, citing manufacturing cost issues, and that additional costs could be passed on to customers.

The post comes from the BoardChannels forum (via VideoCardz). It states that the prices of the RX 6000 have increased by 10% overall, which represents a price increase per GPU ranging from $ 20 to $ 40. This is about the price increase for AIB partners, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that all RX 6000 GPUs will suddenly become 10% more expensive.

Message from the BoardChannels forum.

They could, however. A recent report on the GPU market found that Nvidia and AMD graphics cards were still selling for more than double their list price, despite relatively stable supply in recent months. The HardwareUnboxed YouTube channel looked at the price changes in the second-hand market between October and November and saw an average increase of 9% for AMD RX 6000 GPUs.

According to the BoardChannels post, the price increase will come with the next delivery of RX 6000 graphics cards. Partners could start increasing prices now, or it could take a few weeks. It is also possible that the partners will not increase their prices at all, although this seems unlikely given the price trend of GPUs over the past year.

The cause of the increase comes down to the manufacturing costs of chipmaker TSMC. The RX 6000 graphics cards are based on TSMC’s N7 manufacturing process, which is the same node AMD uses for its Ryzen 5000 processors. At the moment, it does not appear that the prices of the processors are increasing, despite the use of the same node. In fact, many Ryzen 5000 chips are given away before Black Friday.

AMD has not confirmed the price increase. We have contacted and will update this story when we have a response. Sadly, we’re dealing with closed-door conversations between AMD and its board partners, so we may never know if the price hike actually materializes.

The GPU price crisis continues to worsen. Prices are on the rise across the board and companies like Nvidia continue to warn that supply issues will persist until the end of 2022. It could be a year or more before the GPU market returns. to normal, and it’s been a year since the GPU the shortage started.

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