AMD could revert to GPUs for cryptocurrency miners

In the middle of GPU shortage, AMD’s response to whether it would take action against cryptocurrency miners was an emphatic ‘no’. Now it looks like Team Red is taking notes from Nvidia. A new, unbranded card has leaked that features dual Radeon RX 570 cores, and that could be AMD’s answer to crypto miners.

Twitter user @ 9550pro, who previously leaked information about Intel next DG2 graphics card, shared photos of the card that were posted on the Saraba1st forum. The card would combine two of AMD’s 14nm RX 570 cores to double mining performance, creating the tentatively named Radeon RX 570 Duo.

ETH RX 570 Duo🤪 Sapphire Mine

125W 60MH / s


– HXL (@ 9550pro) August 13, 2021

Based on the GPU-Z screenshot of the original poster provided (below), the card shown is from Sapphire and PC Partner. Sapphire is a long-standing Expansion Card (AIB) partner for AMD graphics cards, and PC Partner is a Hong Kong-based graphics card manufacturer. It’s not clear whether the RX 570 Duo is a new card AMD is working on or a crazy experiment devised by two GPU makers.

It seems unlikely that AMD is working on a brand new card. The Polaris 14nm architecture is five years old, and the RX 570 itself is over four years old. Even with two broken hearts together, the RX 570 Duo also works well as Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti or AMD RX 6800 for Ethereum mining.

GPU-Z for RX 570.

However, it is possible that AMD will revitalize the old architecture. In May, AMD signed an exclusivity agreement with the US chipmaker GlobalFoundries until 2024, which was the origin of the manufacture of Polaris. AMD has already turned to Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC for recent graphics cards and processors built on a smaller node, so AMD could meet its commitment with an older architecture.

A possible RX 570 Duo could keep miners away from AMD’s new cards that target gamers. Measured in millions of hashes per second (MH / s), the RX 570 8GB is capable of around 30.9 MH / s when mining Ethereum. The original poster shared an image showing similar mining performance on the two cores of the RX 570 Duo, with a hash rate of around 60 MH / s.

The recently released RX 6600 XT would be capable of half of that – around 28 MH / s.

In response to the growing demand from cryptocurrency miners, Nvidia introduced its Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) Cards. These cards are specially designed for mining, and Nvidia has directed miners to them to take the strain off their consumer cards. AMD has yet to retaliate, but that could be what the RX 570 Duo is.

It’s probably not the final design, however. The shared images show a rather inexpensive looking cooler stuck randomly on a card and only one HDMI output. Nvidia’s CMP cards have no video output.

If AMD is working on a mining card, we hope it will arrive soon, especially since the RX 6000 card prices continues to rise.

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