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Rumors have been swirling around whether Amazon will be opening a physical clothing store since August 2021, but the retail giant has just confirmed it. The store, dubbed Amazon Style, will open its first location later this year, and it looks fascinating!

Amazon aims to make shopping for clothes a more personalized and convenient experience. The stores will offer women’s and men’s clothing as well as accessories and footwear from hundreds of brands.

What’s really impressive here is how easy Amazon makes it to browse clothes and discover new items you might have originally stumbled upon. You can use the Amazon Shopping app (Android/iOS) to browse deals or, if you’re in the store, you can use it to scan the QR code next to a screen with an item of clothing you like. This will show you all available size, color and fit options for an item. This means the store won’t be cluttered with lockers for every shirt or jacket; instead, it will have a streamlined appearance and the ability to display more outfits for you.

From there, a store employee will move any items you select into a fitting room (or straight to the checkout, if you’re sure they’ll fit) and notify you as soon as one of the fitting rooms becomes available for you.

Each dressing room has an integrated touch screen. This will allow you to request a different size or color and summon it to your dressing room, a nice alternative to begging your mom, friend or business associate to run and grab it for you. The touchscreen will also provide you with real-time recommendations from its machine-learning algorithm that learns your style as you keep scanning for items you like.

You can also choose to share your cut and other style preferences upfront so you can start receiving personalized recommendations sooner. Beyond clothing selections from hundreds of brands, Amazon Style will also feature on-trend fashion picks, exclusive items, and even a few pieces curated by top style influencers. Overall, Amazon aims to make it easier than ever to shop for clothes and it will put more brands and styles in front of you without you having to do any work.

Amazon Style won’t be the company’s first venture into physical storefronts. The company bought Whole Foods in 2017 and has also opened a number of checkout-less stores around the world, which allow users to walk in, grab what they want and quickly pay via a QR code with their account. Amazon.

The first Amazon Style store is set to open later this year in Los Angeles. It will be located at The Americana at Brand, which is on the corner of S. Central Avenue and Americana Way, across from The Glendale Galleria. It’s likely that Amazon will eventually open other locations in California and other states in the future as well.

Source: Amazon via The Verge

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