All-new Metroid Dread spirits are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Terror Metroid
Image: Nintendo

Terror Metroid arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch this week and to celebrate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will organize a spiritual event from October 8 to 13.

If you start the game, you will be notified by the latest post that new Metroid Dread Spirits are slipping onto the Spirit Board at the next event. By defeating them in battle, you will gain more SP than usual.

It looks like there will be three minds up for grabs – Samus, EMMI, and one that could be considered a spoiler. In saying this, Nintendo has shown this particular character in the trailers.

Smash Bros.
Image: Nintendo

Earlier this week, Smash director Masahiro Sakurai lifted the veil on the latest DLC fight character, Sora – du Kingdom Hearts series. Once this character arrives on October 18, game updates will likely start to slow down, including these Spirit Board events.

Will you be attending the latest Smash Spirit Board event? Looking forward to Metroid Dread? Tell us below.

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