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A banner stating that "Alexa can discover upcoming deals on items you've saved and even buy them for you."

Catching deals and discounts on Amazon just got a whole lot easier. At least, if you own an Echo speaker. Alexa can now alert you when an item in your wishlist, shopping cart, or “save for later” list is discounted. In some cases, Alexa will even give you 24 hours notice before an offer goes live.

Alexa offer alerts require a Prime account and a “next-gen” Echo speaker, although Amazon hasn’t specified exactly what that means. Still, it’s an amazing feature that should help you save money on items you care about, including gifts for those far-off birthdays and holidays.

Crazy enough, you can even ask Alexa to shop for deals and discounts for you. This is a very useful feature, given that the smart assistant can notify you of discounts an entire day before they go live.

In my mind, this is the first truly game-changing Alexa shopping feature. Alexa can already buy items for you, notify you when orders are delivered, and suggest you re-order items. But transaction alerts are unique and might give you a reason to use the smart speaker more often.

To enable Alexa Offer Alerts, open your Alexa Notification Settings and turn on “Offer Recommendations”. Alexa will turn on its notification light when an item from your wishlist, cart, or “save for later” list goes on sale.

Source: Amazon via Engadget

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