AI plays an important role in education – this is what people think


What do people in India think of AI in education? Are they ready to implement AI?

From mobile apps to online courses, the use of AI in education is booming. The only question that remains is to what extent the students and their parents are interested in implementing AI in their education system. One of the most beneficial effects of AI in education is that parents can decide which school or teacher is best for the students based on their rankings, assessments and achievements presented in a structured way. For older students, AI can also help them choose the best subject for themselves or the right career based on their performance. It can also be a constant follower of how they gradually improve. So there are millions of applications of artificial intelligence in education and it is time for the students and parents of India to get more involved.

Of the 241 responses received as to whether the students and parents are aware of artificial intelligence, about 90.2% answered positively, while 9.8% admitted that they are not aware of AI. This percentage shows how people are becoming more familiar with artificial intelligence by the day. However, it is clear that India still has a long way to go in the AI ​​race as schools prepare to equip themselves with the latest trends in AI.TO THE Artificial intelligence technology.

Awareness of AI
Yes 90.2%
new 9.8%

The answers to the question of how much importance artificial intelligence has in education are quite diverse. About 39% of people think that AI can contribute a lot to education, as it provides new insights into the process of raising both children and adults. About 31.7% of people are skeptical about the impact of AI in education. About 24.4% of people are neutral and have no opinion about this. Only 4.9% of people are completely negative because they think AI will not affect the progress of artificial intelligence.


Importance of AI in education
Very much 39%
A little 31.7%
Neutral 24.4%
Not very 4.9%

When asked about the use of AI tools and technologies, a majority of 46.3% of people described the use as being low. A small percentage of 2.4 mentioned the extensive use of AI. The answer of 7.3% was completely negative. About 12.2% are somewhat skeptical as they have mentioned little use of AI in their schools. However, a large number of people 31.7% are neutral and have no answer on this matter.


Use of AI tools and technologies in education
A little 46%
Neutral 32%
Few 12%
Not at all 7%
Very much 3%

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