Agillic Presents Best Real-Time, Personalized Customer Service Experience With Zendesk Integration

Press release, Copenhagen, November 17, 2021

Zendesk (NYSE:ZEN) is one of the leading service-oriented CRM companies with more 5,000 employees and clients located in more 160 countries and territories. In collaboration with Zendesk, Agillic To developed a plug-and play application connector Between the of them systems at to create a solution this empowers customer service with true omnichannel marketing abilities.

Consumers today expect consistency across all touchpoints and interactions with customers, regardless of business function or system. And they will frequently share their experience, good or bad, on social media. Therefore, business technology stacks need to be flexible, highly adaptable, and easy to integrate.

Turning customer service into cost center to income generation

Marketing and customer service are two areas with a high degree of customer interactions. And customer service and marketing have the same goal: to build customer loyalty, which generates more revenue. By strengthening customer service with marketing triggers, businesses gain an additional channel of revenue generation and loyalty. According to Gartner®:

“While Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Virtual Reality (VR) are creating a lot of buzz in customer service, it is employee-centric technologies such as workforce, case management, consolidated office agent, internal collaboration tools and unified communications that currently deliver the most value to the customer service function.

(Smarter with Gartner®, “4 key technological trends in customer service to watch out for ”, September 9, 2021.)

Gartner Disclaimer: GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and / or its subsidiaries in the United States and internationally, and is used here with permission. All rights Reserve.

Plug-and-play with marketing capabilities

The Agillic / Zendesk connector is a plug-and-play application, available through Zendesk Marketplace and free to joint Zendesk and Agillic customers. The connector enriches the Zendesk user interface with marketing information and enables customer support to use marketing triggers to increase customer satisfaction and generate revenue. With a single click, the support representative can, for example, stop all marketing activities when a complaint is resolved, or quickly deliver personalized offers to satisfied customers.

“Today’s customers demand more personalized service, tailored to their needs and the channel of their choice. By bringing Zendesk and Agilic together, agents can have a clearer view of customer needs and preferences across the customer lifecycle, while being able to proactively deliver recommendations tailored to their needs. This type of connected omnichannel approach opens up new opportunities for the service team to generate sales and revenue for the business., “ says Charlotte Møller-Andersen, Regional Vice President, Commercial North at Zendesk.

A tailor-made solution set up in a few minutes

Jacob Fusager at Agillic Gold Partner Web2Media is an expert Agillic user and works with joint Agillic / Zendesk clients. He sees obvious advantages with the new connector:

“Custom integrations in omnichannel solutions are often a long and expensive affair. The Zendesk / Agillic app can be set up in minutes, while always being fully customizable to fit the data model and customer marketing flows. This will to bring Great advantages To our clients. ”

The connector launched in October and is already in use by several Agillic / Zendesk customers looking to add value to their business through customer service activated marketing triggers.

Bo Sannung, CCO at Agillic comments:

“Our cooperation with Zendesk is a perfect example of our strategy. we take off the complexity of dealing with the best salespeople by carefully choosing and aligning themselves with the best of them. Zendesk and Agillic have many share customers in the Nordic countries who can benefit from this new solution. Our collaboration too strengthens from Agillic internationalization efforts, like Zendesk has a solid footprint on the European target markets for Agillic: particularly the bigger Nordic, DACH and Benelux. ”

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Agillic is a Danish software company that enables marketers to maximize the use of data and translate it into relevant, personalized communication that builds strong relationships between people and brands. Our omnichannel marketing automation platform uses AI to improve the business value of customer communication. By combining data-driven customer insights with the ability to execute personalized communication, we give our customers a head start in the battle to win markets and customers.

In addition to the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, Agillic has sales offices in Malmö, Berlin, London and Prague as well as development units in Kiev and Cluj-Napoca. For more information, please visit

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