Adele asked us to take it easy. The internet couldn’t help but go fast

Photo credit: screenshot

Photo credit: screenshot

Adele is back, and in full color. Six years after her last release, the UK-born “Easy On Me”, the first track from her upcoming November album, dropped 30, leaving her legions of fans in hysterics. You know, the kind of hysteria that welcomes you. The kind of emotional liberation that can only be elicited by a good, heartbreaking vocal run from Adele.

While Adele’s “Easy On Me” is the first track off an album she calls her most personal to date, the music video feels like a love letter to fans, with viewers seeing similarities to previous visual treatments for singles “Hello” and “Rolling In the depth.” And with over 23 million views and nearly two million likes on YouTube, remember this only came out – the verdict seems to be that fans are damn happy with this new era of Adele.

Sure, have you experienced anything in 2021 if you don’t go online and share how it made you feel? If you can’t find the perfect memes and screenshots that say exactly what your emotional vocabulary heart can’t do? I do not think so. Here are the best social media reactions to Adele’s “Easy On Me”.

(That’s not the only throwback to Adele’s past.)

And then there are the deeply emotional kids in the classroom.

Of course, to finish, some old-fashioned jokes.

Doncaster, take it easy.

Adele’s 30 will officially drop on November 19, just before the holidays are in full swing, so please, if you see me crying in the street, take it easy too.

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