Add a detachable magnetic charge to any USB-C device with this 100W reversible cable

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With the time you spend browsing your phone and laptop, playing games on a tablet or Nintendo Switch, or just working, it’s no surprise that you’re always low on power. . Device makers like Apple are trying to fix the problem with hardware that is , but in the end, these gadgets still need to be recharged.

There are plenty of great in the market that provide emergency juice when you are miles from the nearest outlet. However, if your portable charger isn’t powering your devices as fast as you want it to be, the culprit is probably the cable you pair it with. This is why the is so helpful.

Here’s why this ingenious cable might just be the last you need. With the interchangeable magnetic tip, the EVRI offers wide compatibility with MacBooks, other laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, Nintendo Switch and more. It is fully reversible and supports both power and data transfer when connected on either side.

With its USB-C connector, the cable supports up to 100W of power, able to quickly charge your MacBook or Nintendo Switch to full capacity faster than even their OEM chargers can provide. In addition, it offers data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. And because it’s magnetic, you won’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your devices when you trip over a cable. Grab your footing and the EVRI will move safely away from your device without any harm.

We all experience low batteries throughout our lives. But it’s really painful when you don’t have a cable that can help you get back to full speed quickly. With a charging power of 100W, the does just that. Get it while it’s on sale for $ 23, or 34% off for a limited time.

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