‘Ab Toh EMI Leni Padegi’ Says Internet As Sabyasachi-Starbucks Team Up For Designer Mugs

‘When rich meets rich’ wrote one user on the internet after reading the news of a recent collaboration.

One of India’s most ambitious celebrity designers (we mean expensive) has teamed up with another ‘exquisite’ (read overpriced) coffee brand to launch ‘designer’ mugs and cups.

Sabyasachi x Starbucks

It’s not a hard nut to crack that Sabyasachi and Starbucks have joined forces.

An unthinkable relationship developed between Starbucks and Sabyasachi when they announced their range of drinkware.
The fancy tie-up is all over social media because the internet had its reactions.

Sabyasachi shared the news and shared a series of posts on social media.

One of them reads,

“Introducing the Sabyasachi + Starbucks @starbucksindia limited edition collection. The collection of ceramic mugs and stainless steel cups features Sabyasachi’s signature interpretation of Toile de Jouy – featuring flora and fauna native to Bengal.”

Once the pictures of the drinking vessels made the rounds, people flooded the comment section with their “expert” opinions.

Read some of the most “obvious” but hilarious reactions here:

screen grab

One of the first picks of famous brides for their big day, Indian designer Sabyasachi is a popular name in India.

Wedding of Katrina Vicky

He’s made headlines for some of the most “unthinkable” collaborations and problematic advertising.

Designer Sabyasachi gets trolled

His last association with the fast fashion brand H&M and another with Christian Louboutin for designer shoes did not go down well with the people. Let’s take a look at how the partnership between Starbucks and Sabya works for these two ‘fancy’ brands.

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