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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence aims to improve the Indian education system in every possible aspect

India’s education system is starting to reap the benefits of advanced technology, artificial intelligence, to improve several weak sectors by 2022, such as determining the early school leaving rate, the use of personalized education through apps, and the estimated number of people using AI education apps. uses, and different types of AI apps. So it is very helpful to count on various aspects to provide better education and future to Indian students in an efficient and effective way.

According to the Analytics Insight survey, 46% of respondents believed AI could determine early school leaving in India, while 24.4% did not consider it a viable option. Meanwhile, only 29.3% were in a neutral state stating that AI might be able to perform this function efficiently.

Artificial intelligence

Of the 241 respondents, 65.9% believed that artificial intelligence can increase the effectiveness of personalized education, while 31.7% believe that AI models can improve personalized education. 2.4% of respondents did not think AI has the power to help with personalized education.

Artificial intelligence

The survey found that 34.10% of all 241 respondents used the AI ‚Äč‚Äčeducation apps to get help covering the syllabus inArtificial intelligence their homes. The rise of the pandemic forced every student to be at home and continue classes with online classes. But 65.90% replied that they were not using an AI education app for further assistance.

From 34.10% of the previously asked question about using AI education apps, they answered that they use some of the popular AI apps from various education companies. 30.70% used Brainly, 19% used Netex Learning and 15.90% downloaded ThinkSter Math. Meanwhile, 11.50% have used MATHiaU and 8.40% have received help from Udemy.

Artificial intelligence

mentally 30.70%
Netex Learning 19%
ThinkStar Math 15.90%
Content Technologies, Inc. 11.50%
Udemy 9.50%
others 8.40%
MATHiaU 5%

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