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Calling all data enthusiasts, machine learning experts, and AI arbitrators. Clear your calendar to make room for IMerit ML DataOps Summit on December 2, 2021. Join and engage with AI and ML leaders from multiple tech industries including autonomous mobility, healthcare AI, technology and geospatial to name a few -a.

Participate for free: There is nothing wrong with your vision – the iMerit ML DataOps Summit is 100% free, but you must register here to participate.

The summit is in partnership with iMerit, one of the leading AI data solutions companies providing high-quality data on computer vision, natural language processing and content that powers machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. So what can you expect at this free event?

  • Deepen your understanding of ways to advance AI by leveraging human intelligence.
  • See how high-quality data can solve extreme cases
  • See how companies are adapting their data pipelines to improve deployment speed
  • Gain highly informed insight into the future of the data labeling market

Great topics require great speakers, and we will have them in abundance. Let us underline only three of the the many experts in AI and ML who will step onto the virtual stage.

Radha Basu: The founder and CEO of iMerit leads an inclusive global workforce of more than 5,300 people, 80% of whom come from underserved communities and 54% are women. Basu has raised $ 23.5 million from investors, led the company to impressive revenues, and won a long list of business achievements, accolades and accolades.

Hussein Mehanna: Currently in charge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Cruise, Mehanna has spent over 15 successful years building and leading AI teams at Fortune 500 companies. He led the Cloud AI Platform organization at Google and co-founded the Applied Machine Learning group at Facebook, where his team generated billions of dollars in revenue.

DJ Patil: Patil’s experience in data science and technology runs deep. He has held senior management positions at RelateIQ, Greylock Partners, Color Labs, LinkedIn and eBay.

The IMerit ML DataOps Summit will take place on December 2, 2021. If your business involves data-driven technologies, AI, and ML, this event is for you. Learn, network and stay on top of this fast-paced industry – and do it for free. All you have to do is Register now. Start clicking.

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