A Lifetime Cloud Backup Plan of 10 TB is just $60 for Black Friday

Get a Black Friday deal for the best backup plan out there.
Forget the limitations of iCloud (and save money while you’re at it).
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There’s probably a lot on your computer that you can afford to lose, but the things you can’t do should be safe. Degoo Premium is a 10 TB automated backup plan that stores your files anyway.

And during our Black Friday sale, it’s only $59.99 (normally $3,600) with coupon code BFSAVE40.

10 TB of cloud storage… forever

Degoo offers everything you want in a backup storage plan. It automatically detects changes to files you select and backs them up without you having to do anything. You can still access all your files on the backup. And you can even send them to friends with an email or link.

Plus, Degoo gives you a whopping 10 terabytes of backup storage. That’s more than Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive combined. You could download any file in any of your other cloud services and put them in Degoo — and still have enough space to store the files of an entire college education.

For work or personal use

Degoo is designed for personal and professional use. It allows you to back up your most important work files. (That means spilling coffee on your computer won’t ruin your career.) When you consider how many billions of dollars go up in smoke each year due to data loss, you really won’t regret keeping your files safe.

For personal computers, having a comprehensive backup that replicates even while you’re using it is like having a virtual private network. It is an extra security that you immediately feel better with.

The last huge benefit to Degoo is that you get it for life. That’s a lifetime of never having to worry about losing family photos or old school projects. No need to call technical support for a lifetime because you accidentally deleted your entire presentation.

Save on a lifetime subscription of Degoo Premium 10 TB

Get early Black Friday access to the Degoo Premium: Lifetime 10TB Backup Plan for only $59.99 (normally $3,600) with coupon code BFSAVE40.

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