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You simply scan your nails using your phone’s camera (holding a business card, Metrocard, gift card or something similar) and choose your styles – they make the width * custom for you * and will resize for free if the gels do not fit right. They will survive hand washing, showering, and all your regular activities until you take them off. For longer lasting results, use your own top coat (or theirs for $ 8).

Get the set pictured above for $ 25 and buy all the manicures here.

Promising results: “I’m 100% a convert to ManiMe and will never go back. I tried them on a whim after seeing an ad during the COVID quarantine, and I’m so glad I did. have nails that peel and break easily – and normal polish won’t hold, while gels weaken them with repeated use.With ManiMe, I get two weeks of salon-look manicure … and they protect my nails and help them grow longer! ManiMe’s look is amazing and professional, is easy to apply (once you get the hang of it), and lasts for around 14 days. I get so many compliments and I tell everyone I know about it. It took a few tries to get the perfect fit and learn how to apply them, and I’m still working to get the edges right, but the customer service is really helpful and generous! I would recommend adding a top coat after the first week, to seal the edge near the cuticle that may start to show. The only thing that could be better is if they keep offering more options so I can keep ordering! “—Julia G.

Manime co-founder and CEO Jooyeon Song, a Korean-American woman, was inspired to create an easier manicure solution while she was in Stanford Business School with her future business partner David.

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