5 Best Seed Delivery Services 2022: Order Seeds Online

Creating a garden is a beautiful thing. It can be meditative, increase your physical activity, get you outside in the sun, and even provide you with homegrown foods to use in your dinner recipes.

We know not everyone has a green thumb, but if you get the right seeds for your location, you can grow an outdoor garden that will provide you with years of nourishment and pride in the crops you grow. Finding the right seeds is extremely important, and there are plenty of places to get seeds, including the option to buy seeds online.

To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up the best seed delivery offering monthly subscriptions, curated seeds, unique and rare seed varieties and more.


Best seed delivery overall



Our pick for the best seed delivery is Seedsnow.com. You can find everything for your budding garden with seed options such as vegetables, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, flowers and pollinators, sprouts and microgreens, and roots and bulbs. There are even variety packs such as leafy greens, mosquito repellent, hydroponic garden, wildflowers, and more.

Seedsnow.com has signed the Safe Seed Pledge, a commitment many seed companies sign or support that they will not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. The seeds are 100% non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom and open pollinated. You can buy your seeds based on the growing zone you are in using the handy interactive map.

Individual seeds start as low as 0.99 cents, and seed banks can run as high as $240 depending on your garden needs, but the website always has daily deals discounting rotating seeds.


  • Daily Deals on Rotating Seeds
  • Offers individual seeds, seed variety packs and seed banks
  • Signed the Safe Seed Pledge


  • Customer service can be difficult to reach if there is a problem

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Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club

Best Compound Seed Option


Urban Organic Gardener

The Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club is an excellent option if you are new to gardening and don’t know where to start. Membership includes up to five hand-selected seed packets curated for you based on your needs, as well as planting labels, planting instructions, and soil fertilizers.

The website will ask you to complete a survey to find out your garden profile. It will ask you questions about where you will grow your garden (container, raised bed or land), where the garden will be placed (window sill/indoor, balcony/patio or backyard or front yard) if your space becomes full of sun or partial shade, and if you have gardening experience. Then the company will send you compound seeds monthly based on your answers.

A monthly membership costs $15, three months is $35, six months is $89, and a year is $178. Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club’s seeds are 100% non-GMO, 100% heirloom and open pollinated.


  • A survey that will tailor your seeds to your specific location and needs
  • Good price range


  • Limited Seed Options: Mostly Edible Garden Options With Only Occasional Flower Seeds
  • Nothing is mentioned about the Seed Pledge

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seed bank box

Best monthly subscription option


seed bank box

If you’re looking for a simple subscription option, Seed Bank Box will ship your monthly seed subscriptions straight to your door. Starting at $24.95 per month, you’ll receive eight to 10 varieties of seeds, ranging from root vegetables, wine vegetables, fruit plants, leafy greens, edible flowers, rare heirloom varieties, and medicinal plants.

Each seed type also comes with instructional cards to learn how to care for your new budding plant. Seed Bank Box says the seeds are non-GMO, heirloom and organic. And if you’re looking for something specific, Seed Bank Box also lets you buy seeds individually, starting at $1.25 per seed pack.


  • The subscription box is well organized
  • Large amounts of each seed


  • Could use more seed varieties
  • There is no mention of the Safe Seed Pledge

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seed savers

Best Non-Profit Option


seed savers

Seed Savers has been a nonprofit organization since 1975. Its mission is to “preserve and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered heritage of gardens and food crops for future generations through the collection, cultivation, and sharing of heirloom seeds and plants.”

Seed Savers sells seeds such as vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees and transplants to raise money for the organization’s efforts. Located in Iowa, the seed bank houses a collection of more than 20,000 rare, open-pollinated varieties spread across 890 acres.

You can also choose to join to get exclusive seeds, discounts, a membership magazine, and free or discounted access to gardens and arboretums across the country.


  • Good quality and variety of seeds offered
  • Signed the Safe Seed Pledge


  • On the expensive side for seeds
  • Some customers have encountered shipping issues
  • The website can be overwhelming to navigate

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Best seed variety option


Johnny’s Selected Seeds

As one of the nine original signatories to the Safe Seed Pledge, Johnny’s Selected Seeds has been an independent company since 1973. The 40-acre certified organic farm in Maine offers some of the best varieties of seeds on this list.

Johnny’s seed varieties include certified organic seeds, hybrid seeds, open pollinated seeds, heirloom seeds, and enhanced seeds (film coated, treated, pelleted and primed). You can also request a catalog if you prefer to order the old-fashioned way.

There are also plenty of educational resources offered on the website, including a handy “Ask a Grower” tool where you can ask a question about your garden, and they’ll get back to you with expert advice.


  • Carry unique seed varieties
  • One of the original signatories of the Safe Seed Pledge
  • So many learning resources available about gardening


  • Shipping costs are expensive

What is the best seed delivery service?

Seedsnow.com, but here’s your decision tree

Seedsnow.com is our choice for the best seed delivery due to its seed varieties, competitive cost and commitment to the Safe Seed Pledge and 100% non-GMO and heritage and open pollinated seeds.

However, we think that all of our choices offer something for someone; it is just what you want and are looking for in your garden.

Choose this seed delivery service…

If you want…


Great quality and variety of seeds at good prices

Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club

Personalized seeds based on your level of gardening, sunlight needs and garden location

seed bank box

A monthly subscription box that chooses the seeds for you

seed savers

To support the efforts of a non-profit organization while having high-quality seeds delivered to your door

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Rare and unique seed varieties that you can’t find in most places

What are seed and gardening terms to know?

Heirloom: Seeds of a plant passed down from generation to generation.

Crop rotation: Planting a specific crop in a different location than the previous year.

Direct seed: Place your seed directly in the outdoor soil rather than starting indoors first.

germination: When plant growth finally begins and the seed germinates, buds or shoots above the ground.

open pollinated: A seed variety where the seed of the plant can be harvested, stored and replanted, and that same seed variety will grow year after year. Open pollinated allows heirloom seeds.

tilt: Refers to soil health terms related to the balance of nutrients, water, and air.

Transplanting: Moving a plant from one growing medium to another.

What should you pay attention to with seeds?

Always look for seeds that are 100% non-GMO. Other things to look for that are not so necessary but may be for some gardeners are heirloom seeds and open pollinated seeds.

Also, make sure your garden contains some sort of pollinator plant, even if you only grow lettuce. Flower seeds added to a vegetable garden will attract bees that can improve your yield.

How did we choose these seed delivery services?

There are many seed delivery services, but to narrow down our top picks, we considered critical factors such as the price of seeds, seed varieties, and whether the seeds offered were non-GMO and heritage. We also considered whether the companies supported or signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

Another thing we would definitely look out for was genuine customer reviews about these seed delivery services. We searched both the positive and negative reviews to make sure we chose the right companies.

Are there alternative places to buy seeds online?

Here are a few other options to look at:


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