4 Uses of Artificial Intelligence You Should Know About

Many of us tend to think of artificial intelligence as a new thing, but the truth is it has been around for quite a while now. That being said, major advances in the field of artificial technology are being made, which has caused more people to become aware of and interested in artificial intelligence.

The best way for you to understand the basics of artificial intelligence is to learn how it is used in our everyday lives. You may just be surprised at how often you’ve come across artificial intelligence without even noticing it. So, if you want to learn about a few uses of artificial intelligence, you’ve come to the right place. 

Processing of data and statistics

One of the reasons why so many businesses gravitate towards artificial intelligence is that this type of technology is great for repetitive tasks, which means that their artificial intelligence systems can do these tasks while employers and employees focus their time on other important things. 

A great example of this would be using artificial intelligence to process data and statistics. Instead of a person having to work through large amounts of data to find trends, artificial intelligence can do it. To learn more about this, look into machine learning

Acting as an assistant

Artificial intelligence can also play the role of an assistant, whether for general, everyday things like answering questions or for more advanced tasks like planning your schedule.

It may seem a bit far-fetched to think of artificial intelligence acting as an assistant, but if you consider the fact that we have been using things like Siri on Apple devices or Google Assistant on Chromebooks, it’s easy to see how artificial intelligence can make your life easier. 


More and more businesses are utilizing chatbots. You may have come across them yourself if you’ve ever had a question about a business or service. 

These chatbots ask a few questions and can then give customers information that may help them with their queries based on their answers. By doing so, customer service reps can focus on more complex matters and let the chatbot handle generic and simple tasks. Of course, chatbots will likely never be able to fully replace customer care, since most customers prefer a personal touch, so good customer service is still important, even if a business does utilize a chatbot. 

Personalized recommendations

We don’t always notice it, but we are constantly having things recommended to us. When you watch a movie on your favorite streaming service, you will have recommendations pop up based on that movie. 

Your Instagram explore feed will adjust to show you more posts that relate to content you’ve previously engaged with. If you look up a product on the internet, you will notice advertisements for similar products start to pop up. All of these recommendations are often the result of artificial intelligence. While they may be annoying in some cases, there’s no denying that the recommendations do often end up being accurate and helpful. 

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