3G, 4G mobile internet: service resumes after a puzzling 11-hour outage

After 11 hours of outage, 3G and 4G mobile data services resumed across the country last night.

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa said the outage could be due to a technical malfunction.

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“We are trying to identify the problem,” he said.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission officials said 3G and 4G internet services resumed at different times in different regions last night.

During the outage, the operations of Point of Sale (POS) devices, online banking, taxi services and e-commerce sites were severely affected. Users who depend on mobile data, especially those in rural areas, were left clueless.

Sharmin Akhter, who runs an online home-cooked meal business in Khulna, relies mainly on 4G mobile data.

“Weekends are usually my busiest days and I start getting orders in the morning. However, today everything is on hold,” said Sharmin.

Md Imran, a driver for a taxi service in Dhaka, said he could not get any rides in the morning. “I usually get at least four to five ride requests for Juma prayers, but today I didn’t get any,” he told The Daily Star.

Nowrin Jahan, a development worker who returned to Dhaka by bus in the morning, said she was trapped with heavy luggage and unable to use the taxi services.

“Initially I thought there was a problem with my internet. If I had received a text message with information about the outage, I would have taken alternative measures,” said Hasan, a government employee, who was trying to make a purchase with his credit card. because he had little money at a supermarket.

He couldn’t make the purchase because the transaction didn’t go through, he had to leave empty handed.

According to the BTRC, Bangladesh had 115.41 million mobile internet users in August 2021.

Although two-thirds of the population uses mobile data, the government has in the past ordered the suspension of the internet and social media.

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