2022 brings a new set of data science companies to research

by Analytics Insight
April 10, 2022

Data science companies

A number of data science companies have emerged to deliver data-driven solutions across industries in 2022

Data is one of the most crucial assets for any organization. From healthcare to financial corporations, every industry has begun to recognize the need for data-driven business operations. Data science is a burgeoning field of information technology for extracting insights from highly unstructured data, transforming it into simple structured data, and applying knowledge and actionable information to solve problems. Data science companies are experts in detecting and eliminating unusual and risky data. Advances in data science technologies and tools have changed the way organizations work and grow. In recent years, the demand for Data Science has grown exponentially. More than 97,000 data science jobs are open.

If you’re looking for the best data science companies to work for, here are some of the best:


IBM is known for its innovations and holds the record for most US patents generated by a company for 28 consecutive years. IBM discovers, designs and develops advanced information technologies and translates them into value for customers through consulting services. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an open and extensible data platform that provides a data framework to make all data available for AI and analytics, on any cloud. It simplifies access to data by automatically discovering and organizing it to provide access to actionable insights for its users. The IBM Watson studio develops sophisticated machine learning models using Notebooks and no-code tools to spread AI across the enterprise.


Splunk’s Extensible Data Platform offers unified security, comprehensive observability, and limitless custom applications. Its business analytics platform helps businesses visualize and interpret their data by seeing it in context. Splunk Insights is an analytics tool that can assess and investigate potential threats by ingesting event logs from multiple sources, especially in small organizations. Splunk’s Threat Research team actively monitors the emergence of new cyber threats amid ongoing geopolitical events, including DoubleZero.

Impact analysis

Impact Analytics creates AI-powered retail automation technologies with a 360-degree view to help businesses automate complex procedures and turn data into insights. They synthesize the business wisdom of senior strategy consultants, the advanced machine learning of experienced data scientists, and the cutting-edge product development of expert application designers and developers to create solutions that enable their clients to win. .


Wipro strives to expose its employees to hackathons and summits, allowing its data science professionals to interact with top industry experts. Wipro harnesses the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help our customers adapt to the digital world and succeed. Wipro’s IQNxt framework provides organizations with a detailed data assessment, data governance setup, and customized implementation roadmap.


Cloudera makes smarter decisions with real-time access to all your data wherever it resides, thanks to the hybrid data cloud and the “Power of And”. Its data platform manages and secures the big data lifecycle, from edge to AI, in any cloud or data center. It is able to optimize workloads based on analytics and machine learning. Cloudera provides an enterprise data cloud for all data, anywhere, from edge to AI.


Numerator helps businesses understand their customers and identify opportunities for growth. They provide more visibility to more consumers across more channels – unlocking more growth. Combining purchases with a numerator helps create a target audience more effectively and allows advertisers to focus specifically on them. It combines proprietary data with cutting-edge technology to create unique insights for the market research industry, which has been slow to change.

Tiger Analysis

Tiger Analytics is spearheading what AI and analytics can do to solve the toughest problems faced by businesses around the world. Several Fortune 500 organizations have created custom solutions based on data and technology. She deliberately chose to focus on this new wave of artificial intelligence and analytics that can help organizations unlock real business value.

Fractal analysis

Fractal’s mission is to power every human decision in enterprise and brings AI, engineering, and design to help the world’s most admired Fortune 500 companies. Fractal products include Qure.ai, which helps radiologists make better diagnostic decisions, Cuddle.ai, which helps CEOs and senior executives make better tactical and strategic decisions, Theremin.ai, which helps investors make better investment decisions, and Eugenie.ai, which helps find anomalies in data at high speed.


Teradata Vantage is the connected, multi-cloud data platform for business analytics that delivers actionable answers and predictive intelligence. Only Teradata gives you the flexibility today to handle the big and mixed data workloads of the future, making it easy to consume your data anywhere, without the added risk. Its technology centralizes 100% of your data on a connected ecosystem, with the flexibility and portability for deployment anywhere.

In Sigma

Mu Sigma works with over 140 Fortune 500 companies through a unique ecosystem that brings together people, processes and platforms. Its mission is to establish and institutionalize a fundamentally new approach to decision-making; one that is better designed for the incredible pace of change businesses are experiencing today.

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