150 New York court workers could lose their jobs without vaccines (VIDEO)

Unvaccinated court employees, including court judges, have not been allowed to enter court premises, although there is no public requirement.

More than 150 New York state court workers could be fired.

That’s because the Office of the Court administration has given them two weeks to at least get a coronavirus shot or be fired when business closes on Monday.

The OCA says Newsy employees have had sufficient time to either comply or submit a medical or religious exemption. These court employees, including court judges, were not allowed to enter the court premises despite any requirement for the public.

Instead, staff members must use their vacations and judges risk further disciplinary action.

Dennis Quirk, president of the New York State Court Officers Association, says he’s frustrated that other branches of New York state government allow weekly testing for those who don’t want to get vaccinated, but the judiciary to this mandate.

The decision by Chief Justice Janet DiFiore is expected to be challenged in court on Tuesday. Employees say the OCA broke the law by mandating these vaccines without negotiating with unions.

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