10 Hot SASE Companies To Watch In 2022

Living On The Edge

A Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture combines a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) or other WAN with multiple security capabilities, securing an organization’s network traffic as the sum of those functions. SASE is both secure and direct, meaning that traffic from users’ devices is inspected at a nearby point of presence and sent to its destination from there, according to Zscaler.

Cloud-based SASE offers significant benefits to organizations that put aside traditional on-premises enterprise network infrastructure and security to take advantage of cloud services, mobility, and other aspects of digital transformation, Zscaler said. Rather than focusing on a secure perimeter, SASE focuses on entities such as users and pushes security and access close to users to reduce IT cost and complexity.

SASE provides a fast, seamless user experience by having security enforced close to what needs securing. By defining security as a core part of the connectivity model and not a separate function, SASE ensures that all connections are inspected and secured, no matter where users are connecting, what apps they are accessing, or what kind of encryption is in use, according to Zscaler.

From networking and firewall giants to SD-WAN, cloud, web, and zero trust security upstarts, here’s a look at 10 SASE companies fighting for a foothold in this explosive market.

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