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Oh oh, Netflix is ​​relaunching the slot. All Netflix US and Canada plans now cost a dollar or two more. The price hike brings the cost of Netflix’s 4K plan to $20 per month. Is it really worth it?

Fortunately, Netflix says it will notify customers 30 days before applying the new prices to their account. But new subscribers and old subscribers must pay these updated rates if they want to sign up for the service, effective immediately.

New rates:

  • Premium (4K, 4 screens): $20 per month, previously $18
  • Standard (1080p, 2 screens): $15.50 per month, previously $14
  • Basic (720p, 1 screen): $10 per month, previously $9

For reference, those with a Premium Netflix plan will find themselves paying a total of $240 per year for the service. Twelve months of the 4K plan cost $216 per year before this price change.

Netflix hasn’t changed its prices since 2019, you know, before we all added Disney+ and HBO Max to our ever-growing list of expensive streaming services. Now that prices are rising, you might want to consider learning about free streaming options or money-saving techniques like rotating subscriptions.

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